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Places to Visit in Almora

The rich cultural heritage and alluring natural magnificence are what make the Almora district in Uttarakhand stand out among other hill stations. It is also popularly known as the cultural heart of this Kumaon region. Almora attracts thousands of tourists annually during Chota Char Dham Yatra to the fairs held at popular pilgrimage sites like Nanda Devi and Jageshwar.

From unique handicrafts to toothsome cuisines and panoramic views of the Himalayan ranges to the rare beauty of wildlife, everything about Almora can leave travellers seeking more. This bewitching hill station boasts several key tourist destinations one must check out while in Uttarakhand.

1. Trekking to the Zero Point

One of the best ways to enjoy the mystical nature of Almora is by getting to the top of Zero Point. So trek up to the 1.5 km from Binsar village close to the Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary to capture the spectacular view of Almora with a clear view of Kedarnath peak, Nanda Devi, Himalayan Ranges and enjoy an amazing sunset.

2. Kasar Devi Temple

Kalimath is a popular tourist destination, too, due to its wonderful greenery and ancient history dating back to the second century, where Kasar Devi temple is situated where Swami Vivekananda once visited. Outside the village, tourists can also explore Crank's Ridge, famous for the hippie movement.

3. 7th-century old Jageshwar Temple

Just one hour from the centre of Almora, you can find Jageshwar Temple, which dates back to the 7th century, where Lord Shiva is worshipped. This place occupies a cluster of 200 Hindu temples constructed with the Nagara style of architecture. This temple poses an alluring natural scenery thanks to the Jata Ganga river and the surrounding pine and oak forest. Chardham Yatra can customise your Almora tour package if you wish to explore the spiritual divinity and nature of this cultural capital of the Kumaon region.

4. Katarmal Sun Temple

Katarmal Sun Temple, also known as Bara Aditya Temple, is famous for being the only sun Temple in the Kumaon region. This temple dates back 800 years and is surrounded by 44 shrines dedicated to Surya. According to folklore, this temple was built by Katyuri Kings.

5. Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary

If you want to explore wildlife in Almora, don't miss out on Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary, where you can witness many animals and birds in the dense forest and jungles. Due to the plethora of flora and fauna present in its biodiversity protecting central Himalayan region vegetation, it attracts many tourists.

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