Food Of Uttrakhand


Food Of Uttrakhand

There are approx 14 types of recipes which I mentioned here so plz have a look over it and try once in your kitchen. I surely said that you like these items. 


Brief: Green Leafy Vegetable dish, prepared like other green vegetables. The leaves are locally known as ‘Bichhu Ghas’ 

Ingredients : Kandalee ( 2kgs.), Jakhiya ( 50Gms.), Oil ( 30Mls.), Salt ( To taste).


  1. Pick soft and small leaves of Kandalee. 
  2. Boil them in water and cook, till the leaves leave their acidic content and become pulpy.
  3. Drain the water and heat Oil in a thick bottomed pan.
  4. Add Jakhiya and fry the boiled Kandalee leaves. Add salt and serve hot.


Ingredients: Jhangor ( 500Gms), Sugar ( 200 Gms.), Milk ( 2Lts.) Cashewnuts ( 50Gms), Raisins ( 50Gms.), Chironji ( 100Gms.), Kewara essence (As required).


1.     Boil Milk in a thick bottomed pan. 
2.     Add Jhangor and cook. Stir to avoid sticking.
3.     Add sugar and cook for some time. 
4.     Add Kewara essence and mix well. 
5.     Garnish with chopped Dry Fruits. 


 Boiled spinach, finely chopped and cooked with Spice and Curd, thickened with Rice paste.

Ingredients: Spinach ( 1kg.), Curd ( 300 Gms.), Chilli powder ( 50Gms.), Turmeric powder ( 20 Gms.), Hot Spice( 50Gms.), Cumin seeds ( 50 Gms.), Asafoetida ( A pinch), Fat ( 50 Gms.), Salt ( To taste ), Rice paste ( 20 Gms.).


1.     Roughly chop Spinach, wash and boil.
2.     Heat Fat, add Cumin seeds and Asafoetida.
3.     When the seeds crackle, add Chilli powder and Turmeric powder.
4.     Fry the Spice well.
5.     Add boiled Spinach and cook a little. 
6.     Add beaten Curd and required an amount of water and thicken with Rice paste.
7.     Cook well, add Salt and Hot Spice and serve with Bhat ( cooked rice)

4) ARSA :

Ingredients: Rice ( 200Gms.), Jaggery ( 500Gms.), Mustard Oil ( 300Mls.) to deep-fry, water ( as required).


1.     Make a thick syrup of Jaggery.
2.     Grind Rice into a fine powder.
3.     Mix Jaggery syrup and Rice well. 
4.     Heat oil in a pan.
5.     Make balls out of the mixture and roll them into the shape of Puries and deep-fry in hot oil.


Brief: A sweet, local snack prepared in Garhwal.

Ingredients: Wheat Flour ( 100Gms.), Jaggery ( 200Gms.), Fennel seeds ( 5Gms.), Mustard Oil ( 200Mls.), Water ( As required ), Sweet Spice powder ( 1/4 Tspn.).


1.     Soak and dissolve Jaggery in hot water and cool it. 
2.     Make a paste of Flour by adding Jaggery and water.
3.     Add Fennel seeds, Sweet Spice powder and mix well. 
4.     Heat oil in a pan and put a spoon full of the mixture. Deep-fry.


Ingredients: Wheat Flour ( 1/2 kg.), Mandua Flour ( 300Gms.), Ajwain ( 1 Gm.), Salt ( 1/2 tsp).


1.     Knead Wheat Flour and keep aside.
2.     Mix Ajwain and salt into Mandua Flour and knead. Keep it aside.
3.     Take Wheat Flour dough and stuff with Mandua Flour dough.
4.     Roll into Chappati and cook on a griddle.


Brief: Chappaties made from Mandua cereal.

Ingredients: Mandua flour ( 600Gms.), Wheat flour ( 200Gms.), Water ( As required).


1.     Mix Mandua flour and Wheat flour well.
2.     Prepare a stiff dough with water.
3.     Divide into even-sized balls and roll out into Chappaties.
4.     Cook both sides on slow fire.
5.     Ensure that the Chappaties have been cooked well.


Ingredients: Kulath ( 300 Gms.), Turmeric powder ( 1Tspn.), Rice paste ( 50Gms.), Coriander powder ( 1Tspn.), For tempering Red Chilli powder ( 1Tspn.), Fat ( 50Gms.), Ginger ( 20Gms.), Asafoetida ( A pinch), Garlic ( 4/5 flakes), Cumin seeds ( 1/2 Tspn.), Gandhareni ( Small piece).

1.     Chop Ginger and Garlic.
2.     Boli Dal and add Ginger, Garlic, Turmeric, Coriander, half of the Chilli powder and salt.
3.     When done, add rice paste and cook for some time.
4.     Temper with Cumin seeds, Asafoetida, Gandhareni, and rest of the Chilli powder.

9) BAADI :

Brief: A typical substitute for Chappati which is served with the main course meal.

Ingredient: Mandua Flour ( 100 Gms.), Ghee ( 50Gms. ) Water ( As required).

1.     Heat Ghee in a pan and fry Mandua Flour.
2.     Add water and cook well.
3.     Make into a fine smooth dough.
4.     Make round balls of the dough and serve with Chensu or Urad Dal.

10) SWALA :

Ingredient: Tur Dal (100Gms.), Wheat Flour ( 200Gms.), Ginger ( 10Gms.), Green Chillies ( four) Green Coriander ( 1/2 bunch), Chilli powder ( 1/2 Tspn.), Hot Spice ( 1/2 Tspn.), Salt ( To taste).

1.     Boil Tur Dal.
2.     Make the dough of Wheat Flour.
3.     Chop Ginger, Green Chillies, Green Coriander.
4.     Grind boiled Dal and mix all the ingredients except the dough.
5.     Make small balls out of the dough and flatten them. Stuff in the Dal mixture.
6.     Rool it like Puri.
7.     Deep-fry in hot fat.


Brief: Phanu is a Garhwal delicacy made from the paste of various Dals. It is like ‘ Kadi’ in appearance but its taste is totally different from ‘ Kadi’.

Ingredients: Kulath Dal ( 300Gms.), Coriander powder ( 1Tbsp.), Jeera Powder ( 1Tbsp.), Hot Spice ( 1/2 Tbsp.), Turmeric powder ( 1Tbsp.), Ginger Garlic paste ( 1/2Tbsp.), Chilli powder ( to taste ), Curd ( 100Gms.), Faran/Jeera seeds ( 1/2Tbsp.), Sliced Onions ( 50Gms.) Chopped Coriander leaves ( 1/4bunch), Tomatoes ( two, medium-sized), Fat (20 Gms.).

  1. Soak the dal for about 3-4hours.
  2. Grind the Dal to a fine paste, using freshwater.
  3. Heat Fat in a pan.
  4. Add Faran/Jeera seeds.
  5. When Faran/Jeera seeds become brown, add the Dal paste and about 500 Mls. of water.
  6. Add all the spices and sliced Onions.
  7. Cook and boil, till desired consistency is obtained.
  8. Add the beaten Curd.
  9. Cook on slow fire for 2-3 minutes.


Ingredients: Urad Dal ( 500Gms.), Jeera powder ( 1Tbsp.), Hot Spice ( 2Tbsp.), Green Coriander leaves ( 1/2 bunch ), Green Chillies (5-8), Chopped Onions ( 100 Gms.), Fat to fry.

1.     Soak Urad Dal overnight, strain and grind the dal to a fine paste.
2.     Add Jeera powder, Hot Spice and salt. Mix well.
3.     Add chopped Onions, Chillies and Coriander leaves. Mix well.
4.     Make small balls by applying water on the palms. 
5.     Coat the balls with sesame seeds.
6.     Deep fry in Fat. 
7.     Serve hot with Chutney.

13) PALAU :

Brief: Sweet and Salty dish, served with the main course meal. Sugar or Salt is added according to taste.

Ingredients: Jhangora ( 100Gms.), Mattha (1 Ltr.), Water ( As required).

1.     Boil Jhangora in water.
2.     Mix Mattha in Boiled Jhangora and cook well.
3.     Add Sugar and Mint Salt according to taste. 


Brief: A tasty sour Chutney prepared with roasted Bhang seeds and Cumin seeds, mixed with Lemon Juice. 

Ingredients: Bhang seeds ( 50 Gms.), Cumin seeds ( 3Gms.), Lemon big ( one), Salt ( To taste), Whole Red Chillies ( three).

1.     Roast Bhang seeds and cumin seeds separately. 
2.     Grind Red Chillies, Cumin seeds and Bhang seeds into a fine paste, adding little water.

              Squeeze Lemon Juice into the paste, add salt and serve.

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